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Trunk Exercises "on the Ball"

Trunk Extension Stretch

● Initiate gentle trunk extension position.
● Straighten knees, allowing ball to roll backwards as entire spine arches over the ball.

Modifications: Hold on lightly to ball.
Progression: Reach arms up overhead toward the floor.

Trunk Flexion Stretch

● Kneel behind ball and rest trunk over top of ball.
● Gently push with feet to place hands flat on floor.
● Allow head and neck to relax.
● Inhale and exhale, allowing trunk to mold over ball.

Alla Stretch with Sidebend

● Assume alla stretch position.
● Gently walk hands one side, allowing ball to roll to that side.
● Maintain the stretch position.
● Reverse sides.

Progression: Allow feet to counterbalance arms to include gentle trunk rotation.

Reference: Allan, Stephanie, Weiker, Tanya. Course "Introduction to Therapeutic Ball Exercise."

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